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Our mission

Our Mission at Striking Green Lawns is to provide you with a strikingly green lawn, a lawn that you, your family, pets, and even neighbors will love. And we stick up to our mission. Most of the products that we use are made in the USA, thus giving you the highest quality products. All of our lawn professionals have completed the factory training on proper use of the product to provide the best results possible to you. Also, because we use the best fertilizers available on the market, your lawn requires less treatment than competing brands but all the while giving you better performance and visible result.

Our Story

Hello Neighbor, My name is Alex Rytikov and this beautiful woman on the picture is my wife Veronika. We own the Striking Green lawn spraying company and truly believe that you deserve the best looking lawn, period. We are excited to start working with you to transform your lawn because good results and good relationships are built on collaboration. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship, and we will do just that because our products and work ethic truly stand out.

-Alex Rytikov, Owner

Our Clients love using our service, will you?