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AgroVantage System has Over 30 years of consistent research and field-proven test results

We know what you want. You want the greenest, healthiest, and richest looking lawn. By using our unique combination of minerals and fertilizers, your lawn will be transposed from light green, weedy, unhealthy grass to rich green, thick, and healthy grass. You and your family will love it!


Don't grow average, grow greener


Minerals & Fertilizers

Our slow release fertilizers keep your grass greener longer and require less applications. As a bonus and unlike other treatments, our fertilizers don’t leave any harmful residue and are safe to handle and use.


Herbicides & Insecticides

Our pre-emerge and post-emerge applications keep your weeds under control year round and are designed to provide a broader spectrum of weed control than single active ingredients can.


Trees & Ornamentals

Trees and shrubs will exhibit much better plant health and resistance to disease, insects, and other environmental stresses if they receive adequate nutrition from our deep root feeding.

About Us

30 Years and counting

AgroVantage Lawn & Plant Care System for greener and healthier lawns

As lawn spraying experts, we opt to use the best lawn and plant care system available. By using the AgroVantage System, you can rest assured that your plants and lawn will be treated by products that had an exceptional track record for more than 30 years.

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Factory Trained

Our professional applicators have completed extensive factory training and certification.

Quality Services

Your plants and lawn will become healthier, greener, and more capable of withstanding extreme weather.

Affordable Pricing

Unlike other spraying companies, our superior fertilizers require less applications that allows you to have a greener grass for less money.

Family and pet friendly

Our fertilizers are non-corrosive and are made out of food-grade and virgin raw materials. Why? To provide you and your family with a safer way to greener grass.

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You deserve a greener lawn. Your pets will love it. Your kids will love it. You will love it. Become one of our satisfied clients today!